Engineering support for your lightweight structures

We support your product development with structural analyses tailored to your needs. Rely on over 10 years experience in aircraft primary structures for GA aircraft, airliners, UAVs, air taxis (UAMs), and sailplanes (FAA FAR/ EASA CS Parts 22, 23 and 25).


  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Repairs
  • Trade studies
  • Crashworthiness


We perform structural analyses using FEM  and hand calculations for composite or metal structures, including linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis, buckling (Nonlinear or Eigenvalues), modal analysis (Eigenfrequencies), Crash, and Fatigue and Damage Tolerance (F&DT) analysis.

Conceptual/Preliminary Design and Trade Studies

In the early phase of product development, the design space is typically very large and a lot of different designs must be evaluated. We develop FEM model generators to help us exploring design alternatives very efficiently. They allow us to test different designs and perform trade studies to better understand the impact of selected parameters and ultimately find the right structural solution for your product.

Detail Design and Repairs

We provide strength, stability, and F&DT analysis for your design details or repair solutions, based on hand-calculations and/or FEM depending on your needs.


We use LS-Dyna to perform crash analyses on your structure to prepare for certification, improve crashworthiness of your existing product, or test alternative structural concepts or materials.