Engineering support to find better design alternatives

When engineering problems become very complex, numerical optimization can help you find the best solution. At Aeolus, we are specialized in solving optimization problems. We use modern algorithms tailored to your design challenge.

  • single-, or multi-objective
  • single-, or multi-disciplinary
  • gradient-, or non-gradient-based

We also provide models trained to your data, including

  • Kriging RBFs
  • Symbolic Regression

Contact us to discuss how your design process can benefit from Numerical Optimization.


Depending on your optimization problem, we develop the entire analysis toolchain including model generators, solvers, APIs, etc. We implement your specific boundary conditions and constraints to make sure the optimal solution meets all requirements. As result, you gain valuable insight into potential improvements, sensitivities, and can ultimately identify the best solution.


The example shows an aero-structural optimization of an aircraft wing, where mass, aerodynamic drag, and maintenance cost had to be minimized. The pareto front shows the distribution of all solutions, providing instant insight how these multi-disciplinary factors are related.