Efficient preliminary aircraft design

Challenging performance requirements and short development cycles for new aircraft require efficient tools for preliminary analysis and optimization of aerodynamic properties. At the same time, new missions and technologies increase the design freedom and enable novel aircraft concepts.


Therefore, Aeolus ASP is particularly suitable for the conceptual and preliminary design phase, where fast computation is crucial to evaluate a large number of design alternatives and to ultimately find the optimum.

A key innovation in Aeolus ASP is an advanced panel method kernel which was developed for best-in-class computational efficiency and fidelity. In conjunction with feature-based design, this finally allows engineers to change design variables and to evaluate the effect of these changes on aerodynamic characteristics in almost real time. Improve productivity with Aeolus ASP and take advantage of deeper design space exploration for more informed decisions and better products.


Aeolus ASP is ideal for aircraft design engineers, engineering consultants, hobbyists, R&D centers, and academia. More specific examples include product development (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), light sport aircraft, sailplanes, model aircraft, hang gliders and paragliders), Academic R&D (multidisciplinary aircraft design optimization, morphing wings, radical new aircraft concepts, formation flight), but also yacht sails, race car spoilers, and fast illustrations of new concepts.